I take my coffee seriously.

My name is Sanjoy Gupta and I started Estate Craft with the idea of connecting coffee drinkers directly with the estates from where their favourite brew originates. I'm a coffee lover and lucky to be married into a coffee growing family. Coffee manufacturing and trade is dominated by large global enterprise. That's not a bad thing and they have done a lot to popularise the beverage. However the large enterprise business model tends to marginalise the farmer and bring the enterprise brand into dominance. The unique characteristics of one estate's coffee are lost in the pool of Kodagu coffee by the time is leaves the district. So segregating each estates green bean inventory and keeping it segregated through the roasting and packing stages is an important part of my business model. The coffee industry has established identity for specific coffee growing countries. My dream is to do it at the estate level. Not very different from the evolution of single malt whisky from specific distilleries. I invite estate owners to contact me directly if they wish to have their coffee included under the Estate Craft label.

I respect and admire the skill, experience, and tenacity of the coffee farmer. To their special relationship with nature I bring the art of the coffee roaster. This is a home business and I roast the coffee myself. I've taken pains to source packaging material that is of a high quality so that the freshness of the coffee is retained during the shipping stage.

I look forward to receiving feedback, suggestions, and expressions of business interest at Sanjoy@EstateCraft.in