Getting hold of coffee brewing accessories has been a tad difficult for coffee lovers in India. If you're serious about your coffee, one of the best ways to brew is the pour over method. Read up on how to do it in my blog post within this blog. I've now introduced coffee drippers from Daiso Japan so that you have all the equipment requred to do a pur over at home. The drippers come with 50 sheets of unbleached paper filters. The bundle consisting of plastic dripper, filter paper, and a plastic coffee scoop is priced at Rs 300. That's a steal. I checked on availablility of paper filters n India and you can get them on Amazon India for about Rs 1200 for 200. So get started with my driper bundle and when your cones are over you can replenish at Amazon India or beter still pick a bunch up for a few dollars at most supermarkets on your next trip abroad. They're paper and light.

The one thing that you should lok for is a good pour over kettle. The Hario gooseneck kettle is a beauty and fantastic for pouring control. You can get it at Amazon India for slightly under Rs 5000. In the meantime use a regular kettle and steady that hand for a controlled flow.

Buy your Coffee Dripper here.