You will need a French press, water, a stove or heat source to heat the water, coffee powder ground for a French press, plus milk and sugar which are optional.

Your coffee should have been ground in a burr grinder to a medium to coarse level. If your coffee is from Estate Craft just specify the French Press grind when you are checking out. Take the plunger and lid off the press and add coffee powder to the main container. Use two tablespoons of coffee powder for a large mug or cup and one and a half tablespoons for smaller cup sizes. In a saucepan heat as much water as your press is designed to take. Bring the water to boil and immediately turn the stove off. Allow a minute for the water to cool a wee bit and then pour it somewhat slowly over the coffee in the main container of the press. Give the coffee water a few stirs once you have poured all the water and quickly place the lid with plunger in place on the press. If there is a setting to seal the steam turn the lid to that position. If your press does not have such a setting never mind just ensure it is closed firmly and the plunger is as high as possible and close to the lid. Leave the coffee to brew in the hot water. Give it 3-5 minutes to brew. The longer the time of brewing the stronger your brew but do not go over 6 minutes because that's when over extraction of coffee takes place resulting in unpleasant bitterness. Once the brewing is complete quickly transfer the coffee to your cup or mug and add milk and sugar to taste. I like to take the first few sips of the black coffee neat to get to know the flavors without milk and sugar masking them.