Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. It is reckoned that Ethiopian nomads may have been the forst to notice the stimulating effort off coffee, not by drinking it as a beverage but by eating the red coffee cherry. Islamic pilgrims are supposed to have spread coffee from here to the Middle East and from there to other parts of Asia including India. Coffee production in Ethiopia is about 200,000 tonnes per year. Compare that with India's

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is grown in the souther part of the country and can also be labelled as Sidamo which is the name of the district to which Yirgacheffe belongs. Coffee from this region is washed which is the method of processing after the berries are plucked. Washed coffees are fermented in vats which is a process that produces acidity in coffee. Acidity is a very important component of coffee tasting giving bightness to coffee. Yirgacheffe grows at a height of 1800m to 2000m which yields clean citrus notes, floral aroma, and complex undertones of berries, chocolate, and sometimes coconut.

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