You will need a moka pot, coffee powder, water, and a stove. Plus as always milk and sugar is optional. The moka pot is a classic of Italian design made famous by a company called Bialetti. It's typically made of aluminum with a dull silver finish. There are variations in stainless steel as well. Moka pots come in different sizes but be warned that when the Italians say 3 cup size they are referring to demitasse cups . So a 3 cup Bialetti moka pot makes one normal cup of coffee.

Dismantle the moka pot - it consists of the base, a portafilter, and the top part. The top part has a rubber gasket and a filter disk that can be removed for cleaning and which should be replaced about once in six months. Boil water separately in a kettle and pour it into the base container up to the indicated level or the safety valve. Drop the portafilter into place and fill it with coffee powder till the top. Lightly tamp the powder down but do not compress it. Screw on the top firmly and place the moka pot on a medium flame. You will hear the water start to boil and make a hissing and gurgling sound as the steam water mixture pushes up through the coffee powder and up the internal spout into the upper chamber. Switch off the flame as soon as the sound starts and let the coffee bubble through till there is no more emerging from the spout. Your coffee is ready. Pour it out and drink hot.