If you are new to brewing roast and ground coffee you will find this section useful. There are many methods of brewing coffee, some of the popular ones being moka pot, French press, electric coffee maker, pour over coffee, the South Indian filter coffee maker, and the Vietnamese phin coffee filter. They all require some equipment so check the photographs below and see whether you have the right stuff to make your cup of coffee.

A few general rules that will ensure you don't go wrong when making coffee. 
1. Ensure the right coffee powder to water ratio. The rule of thumb is two tablespoons coffee powder for every cup of water. You can adjust the coffee level up or down from this amount depending on the strength of brew you prefer.
2. Do not brew your coffee longer than the required time. You cannot make the brew stronger by increasing brewing time. This results in over-extraction of coffee which leads to bitterness. If you want your brew stronger, increase the quantum of coffee powder.
3. Do not use water that is too hot. 95 degrees centigrade is the right water temperature for coffee to be extracted from the grounds. So boil your water and let it cool a minute or two in the French press, Pour over, South Indian Filter, and Vitenamese phin filter methods.
4. Always use good fresh water. Wash the equipment thoroughly and check for residual particles and odors from these previous use.
5. Always use freshly roasted and ground coffee powder. Check the roast date on the the pack and avoid using coffee that was roasted more than two weeks ago. If your coffee pack only mentions a manufacturing or packing date but no roasting date BE VERY WARY. It may have been roasted months ago and you will have no idea.
6. After brewing your coffee, transfer to your mug quickly and drink it hot. Do not reheat coffee.